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Timeshare Rental Tips

Timeshare Rental Tips : Finding the right accommodations for your trip can be a complicated and expensive process. Booking hotel rooms online has become the most common practice for travelers but what many are now discovering is that renting timeshare suites directly from owners can be a far more rewarding experience. Finding timeshare rentals online is easy and works like this: Owners who cannot use their week in a year are still obligated to pay their annual maintenance fees and by posting their property up for rent on sites like or, they can recoup some of these costs. This gives travelers the chance to stay in some really great accommodations for prices far less than they would pay by renting through the resort. Renting an owner's week also gives travelers all the privileges and access to amenities enjoyed by the owner. Timeshares can be found all over the world and are available from most popular hotel chains. The difference is that the units are far more spacious than the average hotel room and they typically have separate bedrooms along with living rooms and fully equipped kitchens. Most couches in the living room also pull out into a bed, which makes traveling with a group or a large family even easier. The kitchens are also a great way to help you save money on your trip. Shopping at the grocery store and cooking meals in the room can cut down on the amount you'll spend eating out at restaurants for every meal. The convenience of having a refrigerator is also a nice change from having to use the ice bucket to keep drinks cold. Staying in timeshare resorts is especially helpful when traveling to places like Disney. Often times, hotels will be several miles away from the theme parks and require you to rent a car or take a shuttle or bus to get there. Disney’s timeshare division, Disney Vacation Club, has resorts located right in the heart of all the parks and will make getting around a whole lot less stressful. If your travel schedule is flexible, look for off-peak weeks to save even more money. Like hotel rooms, the most expensive and valuable timeshare weeks are during the holidays and school vacations. Choosing to go to Florida in late April as opposed to the end of December can save you hundreds, even thousands on your trip and as a bonus you won't have to deal with as many crowds. Look for weeks that say "price negotiable". People love negotiating and sometimes a low offer is better than no offer at all. Only go this route if you have the time available to you. You can always find great deals by searching for specific dates and by price. Staying in timeshare rentals is a great alternative to traditional travel accommodation options because they're cost effective and provide far more amenities and value for the money. No matter where you plan on traveling, try looking for available by-owner timeshare weeks before booking your trip. 

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